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Stand Out with Banner Stands
Stand Out with Banner Stands

Sporting events are big business in just about any city, state or country you go to. In fact some events are so big they pretty much are the life blood of the place. Go to any small town and you will find that the main event or entertainment is often the local college or high school games. So you want to make sure your events are given the most attention they can get. Using a banner stand ,flag or banner pop up display will definitely be to your advantage.

Sport sponsors will always set up large pop up displays at events such as golf tournaments, super bowl stadiums, beaches for volleyball events or even outside stadiums in the parking lots. They always use banner flags and banner stands to promote whatever they have to offer. Many radio stations are famous for doing these kinds of promotions. Usually they will set up a pop up display business logo and name. They give away freebies and often have a contest going on.

On a smaller scale, schools and colleges also do good business with banner stands or pop up displays during their games. The annual football events trigger several events leading up the main event. Colleges have festivals on campus to promote their teams. Many times vendors will be set up outside the sporting events selling items such as t shirts, team mascot replicas and even various food assortments. Miniature banner flags can also be found as souvenirs. You will see team fans waving them during the games.

Banner stands are good for promoting sporting goods. You can find people selling memberships for sport clubs outside of stadiums. They have a small table or booth set up to inform people of the benefits of being a member and will have banner stands near by to attract people.

Smaller schools like high schools and middle schools love using banner flags, stands and pop up displays as well. They show their team sport spirit on banner stands during all major events. Go into any school gym and you can find banner stand items in corners, hanging on the walls, and even in locker rooms for team promotions and for motivation.

Events such as running marathons seem to use banner stands the most. Runners will pass by several areas set up for them. They all use banner stands for certain marker points during the race. Booths will be set up as watering stations and emergency rest areas as well.

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