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Types of Banner Stands
Types of Banner Stands

Now, banners, like everything else, are of different types of Banner Stands, based on different criterion - size, method of operation and uses, to mention a few among others. Banner stand types are something that should be picked very carefully, for different types of banner stands are used for different purposes and at different places. If one was to be used in place of other, it would be a disaster and would be in vain – for one cannot serve the purpose of other. So, let us have a look at various banner stand types that are available:

Retractable or Barracuda Banner Stands

The retractable banner stands are one of the most popular because they are fairly convenient to use and are then put banners back with the help of a roll – up spring coil. They can be carried anywhere, set up anywhere, and can be taken down with ease. They are of adjustable height, they keep the banners safe and protected, are lightweight and durable – and hence, very popular. They are also called Barracuda banner stands.


The banner stand wall is created by placing retractable banner stands side-by-side to create a display wall. This is a cost-efficient way of creating an 8, 10, or 20 foot trade show booth on a budget.

Rigid Pole

Rigid pole frames are used to create sturdy and heavy-duty trade show displays. The height can also be adjusted to fit your needs.

Tension Pole

The tension pole banner stands are extremely lightweight and simple to transport because of the unique flexible tension pole frame. The frame is also built to be heavy-duty and stable.
Hanging Fabric Banners

These massive display systems are mounted on the ceiling for an eye-catching look that will get noticed from anywhere on the show floor. The frame pieces snap together quickly and come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Outdoor and Flag Banners

With weather-resistant graphic panels and sand-filled bases, outdoor banner flags or stands are built to outlast even the most adverse weather conditions, whether it is windy, sunny, or rainy. Since the base is filled with sand or water, they will not tip over.


You can show a large message in the space-saving scrolling banner stands. The banner rolls for a display system that is constantly moving. They can be used as wall hanging displays or standing trade show booths.

Bamboo Banner Stands

Bamboo banner stands have a unique, natural look and can be supplied complete with printed graphics onto a choice of materials including lightweight textile that accentuates the unique appearance of these products.

We at BannerStandCA.com, offer you all the types of banner stands, available with possible customizing options. Check out the available sizes and designs, and the customizations with different types of banner stands.

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