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When your company goes to a trade show your goal is to have the most traffic possible to boost your company's visibility.  This can be achieved through advertisement through a trade show display styles .  These displays are tailor made advertisement spaces that will travel with your company to any location.  There are a variety of sized to choose from to best fit the needs of your budget and space.  There are also an assortment of styles you can choose from to gain the most impact from your graphic on your audience. 

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The first style of a trade show banner has two variations of a tension fabric display.  This display stands tall and will get your information across, but it is also skinnier to allow it to slide into smaller spaces.  It has light-weight aluminum hardware that slide together to create a frame.  The frame is then covered by your graphic as it is pulled over and zipped closed much like a pillowcase.  This type of display is very quick and easy to set up.  Since the graphic is stretched over the tension frame there are less instances of wrinkling in the fabric.  With the ease in pulling the graphic over there is no problem changing it out when new information needs to be presented.  The banners are durable and will withstand multiple uses.  A company could change their graphic often and still be able to go back and utilize and older one if they choose.  

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The tension frame comes into two styles.  There is the standard straight frame that is ideal to use as a backdrop to any presentation.  This straight frame comes in two sizes, 8 feet or 10 feet.  There is also a curved frame that can add an interesting dynamic to your presentation. This frame is available in three sizes.  The smallest being a 6 foot display that is able to fit onto a table to be at the forefront of your demonstration.  It also comes in a 8 foot and 10 foot frame.  

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The second style is the Velcro pop up display.  This display can be used for maximum impact as it is a wider stand and demands more attention from a crowd.  Its aluminum frame is durable and is also very easy to assemble.  With the pop-up mechanism once a graphic is placed on this frame it can be folded down with the frame and stored together.  The next time the frame is needed it can be popped-up and the graphic will already be set up.  The graphic is simple to attach with Velcro.  Anyone is able to set up with display since it is quick and easy.  It is easy to transport when it folds down and storage is effortless.  

The pop up display comes in a straight Velcro display to be set as a backdrop for your information.  There are two sizes to choose from, 8 feet or 10 feet.  There is also the choice to have a curved Velcro display that can be an energizing piece to work with in a presentation. 
Any of these four styles of trade show displays size will help to being more curiosity to your presentation.  People will be drawn from across the room to see what information your are displaying.  They are able to be packed away for stress-free travel and there are a variety of sizes to fit your changing needs.  Travel show displays are vital to make a lasting impression at your next show. 

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